April 25, 2013

Pattern Tutorial, Tribal Pattern

Let's make your own pattern. It's easy and simple. I use Adobe Photoshop CS6, but I think it also works with lower version of Photoshop.

Open Adobe Photoshop CS6, click File and then click New. Width: 85 px, Height: 200 px.
First make a triangle using Polygon Tool. Click Polygon Tool. If there's no Polygon Tool, click the icon above the Hand Tool. Right click on your mouse and click Polygon Tool.
And then change the Sides into 3.
To make a perfect triangle, click and hold your mouse from bottom to top while holding "Shift" on your keyboard.
Move the triangle using Move Tool.
Move the triangle to the top of the image (document). Change the size of the triangle until it fit the image (document) in width, hold "Shift" while changing the size.
Click Rectangle Tool by right-clicking on the icon above Hand Tool.
Click the image (document) and then change width: 85 px, height: 27 px.
Move the rectangle to the bottom of the triangle. Duplicate the layer of "Polygon 1" by dragging the layer to New Layer icon.
Move the copy of the first triangle to the bottom of the rectangle.
You can choose the color you want by clicking twice at the layer.
Duplicate the layer of "Rectangle 1". Repeat the same step like the layer of "Polygon 1". And then move the copy of the first rectangle to the bottom side of the image (document).
Make a new rectangle. Repeat the steps of the first rectangel. Width: 85 px, height: 100 px. Drag and drop the layer above "Background" layer.
Move "Rectangle 2" so that it fit the image and put it on top. Duplicate "Rectangle 2" layer and put it on  the bottom side of the image (document).
Make new tiny triangle. Put it in the middle of the top triangle.
To make its position perfectly in the middle of the top triangle, click "Polygon 1" layer and "Polygon 2" layer while holding "Ctrl" on your keyboard.
Click Move Tool, and then click "Align horizontal centers" icon.
Make new tiny triangle, and duplicate it. Put it on right and left side of bottom triangle, show only the half side of the triangle. Make an equal position from the top.
Voila, it's finish! Click Edit and then click Define Pattern....

I name it "01", click OK.  To make a new pattern, you can customize the color and/or add more triangle. After you make a lot of tribal pattern, save the pattern to .PAT format. Click Paint Bucket Tool.

 Change "Foregrounds" to "Patterns" and click on it (see the picture). Click Save Patterns....
Name the file as "Tribal by Your Name Here", click save.

Taraaaaa,  you just make .PAT file by your self!
In some cases, if you cannot find the location of the .PAT file you made, repeat the last step; click Paint Bucket tool, change to "Patterns" click Save Patterns... (see the picture above).
There is your .PAT file "Tribal by Your Name Here", right click the file and click Cut.
Explore file folder. Go to computer >> Local Disk (C:) >> Program Files >> Adobe >> Adobe Photoshop CS6 >> Presets >> Patterns. And then click "Ctrl + V" (Paste) on your keyboard. Click Continue.

You can also place it in a New Folder for .PAT files that you made.

If you want to see the preview of your pattern in large image, make a new document in Adobe Photoshop.
Click Paint Bucket Tool, choose the pattern and click the image (document).
Here is my result.
Actually I don't really like the result.
Same layout but different color. This is better than the first one.
Some triangle added. Looks more stunning. 


  1. Hi,
    I was looking for a tutorial for this tribal pattern stuff and came across this. THANK YOU!! LOL It is hard to find anything, design-wise, for 'hipster' designs, which the tribal patterns seem to be a big part of.

    I see you didn't care much for your first one. I did the same thing! I didn't want to copy your design, but, worked with similar shapes, colors and the resulting patterns. Some colors just didn't look good together. By using 'Shapes', in PS, I could change the colors easily.

    This was great! I sure do thank you!